01 Brand name and registered trademark.
02 Type of tread pattern and/or product line.
03 Nominal section width, expressed in metric, inch or alpha; see size chart below.
04 Ratio between tire section height and nominal section width. This ratio is not indicated when section width is expressed in inches (eg. 3.50-18).
05 Code for tire construction: (-: Bias, R: Radial, B, Bias Belted).
06 Nominal rim diameter size in inches.
07 Motorcycle in abbreviated form. Differentiates motorcycle tires and rims from those designed for other vehicles. Shown on some models only.
08 Speed symbol. Indicates the tire's speed; see speed rating chart below.
09 Tubeless (TL) or tubetype (TT), as applicable.
10 Expresses the tire's maximum load capacity (pounds) at the pressure indicated (psi); see load index chart below.
11 Indicates where the tire was produced.
12 Abbreviation of US Department of Transportation. Serves to indicate that the tire conforms to the regulations issued by the US Department of Transportation. Includes the serial # for the tire, and the last 3 or 4 numbers represent the date. Example 3805 means the tire was produced in the 38th week of 2005.
13 The arrows indicate the direction of rotation of the tire according to the fitting position (Front-rear); applicable for directional tires only.
14 Number of plies and material.
15 Tread Wear Indicator, as applicable