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RC Components Slash Forged Aluminum Wheels - Front or Rear
    RC Components Slash Forged Aluminum Wheels - Front or Rear
    Purchase RC Components Slash Forged Aluminum Wheels - Front or Rear
      RC Components Slash Forged Aluminum Wheels - Front or Rear

    • $984.95


    RC Components produces over 40 wheel styles for Drag Bikes, Harleys, Customs, Sport Bikes, & Metric Cruisers. All the styles are available with matching rotors, pulleys, sprockets, and pulley-rotors. The wheels are available as polished, black powder coated, or with our industry leading chrome finish.

    • All of our forged wheels are made from the highest quality billet aluminum on the market.
    • Each wheel is put through an extensive quality assurance process to insure you receive the highest quality product possible.
    • All wheels are available polished, chromed or black powder coated.
    • The chrome plating on RC Components Brand forged wheels is warranted for seven years from date of manufacture as shown on each wheel.
    • Made with pride in the USA

    Optional matching Brake Rotors

    • All brake rotors are CNC cut from high quality 410 stainless steel to perfectly match any of RC's wheel styles. These rotors have the strength and durability to survive all the open road has to throw at them.

    Optional matching Pulleys

    • Don't hide your new custom wheels behind your stock belt pulley. Compliment those wheels with a matching belt pulley.

    We carry the entire line of RC Components products. If you want something else or have any questions, feel free to contact us

    RC Tire Search

    Search below for matching Tires which when ordered with a wheel, can be delivered mounted at no additional charge.

    FRONT - 16x3.5 130/90-16 Front
    FRONT - 17x3.5 130/80-17 Front
    FRONT - 18x3.5 130/70-18 Front
    FRONT - 18x4.25 150/70-18 Front
    FRONT - 19x2.15 90/90-19 Front
    FRONT - 19x3 120/70-19 Front
    FRONT - 21x2.15 90/90-21 Front
    FRONT - 21x3.5 120/70-21 Front
    FRONT - 23x3.75 130/60-23 Front
    FRONT - 26x3.75 150/55-26 Front
    FRONT - 30x4.00 140/40-30 Front
    REAR - 16x3.5 130/90-16 Rear
    REAR - 16x5.5 180/70-16 Rear
    REAR - 17x6.25 200/50-17 Rear
    REAR - 17x12
    REAR - 18x3.5 150/70-18 Rear
    REAR - 18x4.25 160/60-18 Rear
    REAR - 18x5.5 200/55-18 Rear
    REAR - 18x8.5 240/40-18 Rear
    REAR - 18x10 280/35-18 Rear
    REAR - 18x10.5 300/35-18 Rear
    REAR - 18x13 360/30-18 Rear